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Everyone’s Guide To Serving & Surviving A Prison Sentence!


With a Foreword by Paul Ferris

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256 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9572098-7-9

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Everyone’s Guide To Serving & Surviving A Prison Sentence!

“This excellent book should be on every bed, in every pad, in every jail in the country” – Paul Ferris: ‘The Wee Man’

“Today I came across a prisoner with a copy of The Cell Companion that enabled him to make the best application to the IMB I have ever seen – every IMB Member should have one and I’ve just bought mine” FB IMB Member HMP Lancaster Farms.

“Outstanding, tackles the deadly dangers of debts, new psychotic substances, how to avoid prison gangs and a wealth of other information on how to progress through the prison system and lead a crime free life afterwards – this is a book that ‘s been needed for years.” Nick Leader, Governor, HMP Northumberland.

“Down to earth, easy to understand, it gave me advice on my rights I had no idea of before getting this book” GH HMP Ashfield

“My son has been in prison for three years, yet it was only after buying The Cell Companion that I now really understand his rights and mine too – thank you so much for a wonderful publication” Mrs SW, Colchester

Serving Prisoners £14.99 plus p&p

OK, let’s start with some shocking official facts (Ministry of Justice figures April 2019) – our prisons are more violent and dangerous now than at any time since records began, with more self-inflicted deaths, self-harm, physical assaults and gang attacks than ever before..

Here are the official statistics – in the year to March 2019…

  • There were 317 deaths in prisons in England and Wales – 87 of these were suicides, an increase of 14 from last year – and there have been eight murders in the last 18 months alone.

  • Self-harm incidents rose to 55,598, that’s 152 a day, a new record high.

  • Physical attacks on people in prison increased to 34,223, that’s almost 100 physical attacks and assaults a day, a record high level and up 16% on the year before.

With violent assaults in prison, and those classified as ‘serious assaults’, at record levels, many of them due to drug debts, and the very real danger of death caused by taking ‘legal highs’ – new psychoactive substances that are awash in our prisons – The Cell Companion confronts these issues head on, giving you the facts.

Surviving a prison sentence in today’s prison system is no easy task – and it is what The Cell Companion is all about; knowledge is power, so educate yourself.

Written by those who have been, and who came out the other side, it provides answers to questions other ‘experts’ can only guess at.

From reception to release, the book covers legal rights, housing, family, healthcare, personal injury, vulnerable prisoners, and it tackles the difficult issues too – like sex in prison, self-harm, avoiding gangs, extremism, the dangers of debt, bullying and the real danger of ‘legal highs’.

The Cell Companion provides valuable advice on simple things like just getting things done – how to make applications/complaints, accessing education, offending behaviour courses, the snakes & ladders IEP system, keeping fit, letters, visits, phone calls, recall, adjudications, and much more too.

Whether you are going to prison or are already there, this is the book for you and your family, friends and legal advisers too.

Contents include:

• Detailed A-Z of all prison establishments in England and Wales

• Prison Rules 1999 – updated to December 2018

• Prison Service Instructions list 2014-2019

• Comprehensive Regulations Index – An A-Z of over 300 prison subjects, from Access to Justice to Zoonotic Infections – and all the rules and regulations that apply to each one

• General Facilities List – the national list of what prisoners are allowed to have in possession depending on prison, security category, IEP level and volumetric control

• Legal Highs – the deadly dangers of new psychoactive substances and why you must stay away from them at all costs 

• Personal Injury: an authoritative tour by Michael Jefferies, Chairman of the Prison Injury Lawyers Association, of what to do if you get injured through no fault of your own.

• Short Sentences: how to keep your rented accommodation if you are serving a short sentence.

• Getting Things Done – a basic guide to how to make applications and complaints in prison.

• Your Property Inside: who is responsible if your property gets lost or stolen? How to complain and seek compensation if a prison or transport service loses your stuff.

• Debt Dangers: why it pays to steer clear of prison debt and bullying.

• The IEP System: an idiot’s guide to the levels and how to progress/keep your privileges.

• Education: tips on the best prison education and training courses, applying for education loans and grants for advanced study. How long do I have to be serving to qualify for degree level study?

• Nickings, Adjudications and How to Survive Them. A brief guide, including how to get legal advice and the McKenzie Friend rules.

• The Block and How to Survive Time in Segregation. What are your rights?

• Maintaining Innocence After Conviction? What are the potential consequences, especially for lifers and IPPs?

• VPUs: what are they and who can apply to go ‘on the numbers’.

• A Basic Guide to ROTL: what is it, who is eligible and how does the process work?

• Prison Healthcare: Your legal rights and your options if things go wrong. Advice on making a complaint.

• Self-harm: HMPPS guidelines & tips for coping with depression.

• Armed Forces Veteran: who qualifies for support and what extra help can I get? SAAFA, Royal British Legion, grants, education support.

• Sex in Prison: what are the rules? Don’t let yourself become a victim. Help from Healthcare.

• Sexually assaulted in jail: what are your options?

• Offending Behaviour Courses: what are they, can they really help and what are the potential consequences of refusing to participate? Including a guide to the current acronyms used by HMPPS.

• Everyday Life in a Cat-D: what is it really like to live and work in open conditions? Preparing yourself mentally for Cat-D.

• Family Matters: your family outside and how you can help them through your sentence. Keeping in touch. Phone calls. Letters. Visits. What to do in an emergency.

• Getting Out: a pre-release checklist. Accommodation, benefits, release grant, licence.

• Bereavement while inside: coping & support if a family member dies while you are in prison. Applying to attend funerals etc.

• Pad Mates: advice on how to share a cell with minimal grief & friction.

• A brief guide to common prison slang…. and much more too.

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