Parole Board Hearings

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ISBN: 978 1 903307 64 9
Simon Creighton & Hamish Arnott
December 2009

“Prison law text books do not come any better than this: easy to read, easy to understand and at a price anyone can afford.”
Mark Leech FRSA,

Director: Institute of Prison Law

To anyone who knows anything about Prison Law the names Simon Creighton and Hamish Arnott are synonymous with prison law excellence and expertise – and this book on Parole Hearings is another fine example of why they are so deserving of that reputation.


Parole Board Hearings: law and practice is a comprehensive guide to the law governing Parole Board Hearings, and the legal practice too.

416 pages, Price: 30.00 inc p&p

Edition: Secondt (December 2009)

Parole Board Hearings: law and practice
Author: Hamish Arnott and Simon Creighton

Parole Board Hearings: law and practice is a key text written specifically for lawyers, prison officials, probation officers and prisoners.

Price: £30

Edition: Second (December 2009) 416pp

‘This is an essential book for anyone concerned, in any capacity, with the work of the Parole Board. It collates all the relevant statutory and other legal material relevant to the Board, and gives detailed practical guidance as to the way in which the Board works … The authors’ clear understanding of their subject matter, and their practical experience of the way in which the Board operates, makes their invigorating comments all the more authoritative. This book is therefore extremely welcome.’

Sir David Latham, Chairman of the Parole Board (from the foreword).

‘Finally, after all these years, someone has published a book detailing the powers, procedures and processes of the Parole Board. The fact that so few criminal firms bother with prison work, despite it falling within the general criminal contract and being a natural adjunct to their main work, is the paucity of written material on the subject matter. This is a quite superb book, written with clarity and authority, ideally suited to anyone looking for an introduction to this intellectually stimulating and fast-paced area of law. The authors are two of the most respected names in the field; they combine a sometimes rare feat in being able not only to practise at the highest level in their field, but also in being able to identify and explain to a beginner the core knowledge needed. Everything is covered, from licence recall to lifers, and they have even remembered to mention the all important funding arrangements.’

Andrew Keogh

The first edition of Parole Board Hearings, published in 2006, was heralded as being the first book dedicated to explaining the decision-making powers and procedures of the Parole Board. There have been a number of notable developments since the first edition. The Parole Board (Amendment) Rules 2009 – which remove the right to an oral hearing for lifers and IPPs – are comprehensively covered by the authors. Also new to this edition are the new procedures for victims’ attendance at parole hearings, the proposed changes to the public funding of parole cases and the implications of the House of Lords’ decision in James and others on article 5, accessing courses and delays.

This new edition builds on the strengths of the original publication, providing detailed, practical guidance on the following key areas:

Effective representation for prisoners at Parole Board hearings
Challenging Parole Board decisions
Other organisations involved in the parole process
Risk assessment carried out by the Parole Board
Determinate and indeterminate sentences
The test applied for release
Oral hearings procedure
Life sentence review by the Parole Board
Recall to prison
Judicial and non-judicial remedies

Copies for inmates must be sent by us direct to the prison

Parole Board Hearings