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Plan and Vision

Who are Prisons org UK (POUK)?

POUK has for 20 years been the premier publisher of books and newspapers for the prison system of England and Wales – we also offer accredited legal training.

We publish:

  • The Prisons Handbook – the definitive 1200-page annual guide to the prison system of England and Wales for which the Secretary of State for Justice rights foreword;
  • Converse – the award-winning 32pp national prisons newspaper delivered to all prisons in England and Wales each month;
  • The Cell Companion, everyone’s definitive guide to serving and surviving a prison sentence in England and Wales – designed for prisoners, their family, friends, legal advisors and anyone with a professional, personal or academic interest in prisons
  • We also operate the Institute of Prison Law – accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales, we have delivered legal training in prison law for 20 years to thousands of prison governors, officers, solicitors, barristers and even prisoners themselves.

During the 20 years we have been in business we have amassed great deal of information on prisons, policies, publications and have developed contacts at the highest level of prison management.


To produce a professional mobile app, that is a one-stop-shop for all those who have a professional personal or academic interests in prisons and criminal justice, and which is the brand leader.

The app will have three levels of membership: Basic, Premium and Premium Plus. These are described in outline below and still in development. They are all to be self-contained, with registrations, payment, setup username and password, and rebilling done automatically.

Why do it?

No one else currently does what we are planning. There are no mobile apps on prisons that offer what we are offering.

Prisons are big business – 85,000 people are locked up in England Wales on any given day of the year and there are close to one million others who are their friends, loved ones, legal advisors, campaigners, charities, along with the 40,000 staff who operate our prisons. We already are the firm with the leading reputation in this field, if we do not do this now someone else will.

Access to information about prisons in England and Wales is notoriously difficult, it is spread across a huge range of prison service instructions, orders, advice to governors, policy documents, First and foremost, no one else currently does what we plan to do – no one else has access to the information we have amassed, have access to and will give that access to our paid subscribers.

We currently have a basic app running – – this app will replace and supercede this.


Three types of membership – note these are just an outline and in development:

  1. Basic – free access to basic prison-related news, a day after paid members get access to it
  2. Premium – news as it happens, special offers and discounts on forthcoming prison/criminal justice related events, conferences, publications, reports etc, 
  3. Premium Plus – all the above plus access to our online encrypted Whatsapp question and answer service (subject to a fair use policy), monthly updates to our annual publications, free online access to the monthly Converse newspaper (currently everyone has to pay for this), reduced costs of advertising in our publications –  and we need to think of more benefits for each paid subscription level.

PRICING – all paid subscriptions are to be billed annually in advance (needs a refund policy)

Paid subscriptions should have a 14 day introductory offer with the cost of membership rising after that.

Looking to launch this 1st January 2019

Basic membership – Free.

Premium –  £14.99 a month, billed annually in advance (BAIA) – but an intro offerfor the  first 14 days after launch (1st-14th Jan 2019) £9.99 BAIA

Premium Plus – £24.99 a month, billed annually in advance (BAIA) – but an intro offerfor the  first 14 days after launch (1st-14th Jan 2019) £14.99 a month BAIA


If you are:

  • interested helping us develop this project;
  • are a professional web developer with a proven track record;
  • based in Chiang Mai; and
  • can converse in English and Thai

then please contact:

Mark 089 4444 005 – English. e:

Oui 09 2345 5677 – Thai and English. e: /