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As the premier prisons publisher our experts are always being asked for Advice about serving and surviving a prison sentence in England and Wales.

Our policy is always to be as helpful as we can – but the sheer number of requests we receive mean that we have to limit our help to those who support us to empower prisoners and their families by buying our publications.

The Cell Companion 2018/2019 is the definitive 256 page guide for everyone on serving and surviving a prison sentence in England and Wales – it costs as little as £14.99 – it is designed to be easy to read and tackles all the important issues- even those like sex in prison, extremism, avoiding debt and gangs, staying safe and lots more too – written by those who have been to prison and who know the facts.

You can buy The Cell Companion here and if, after purchasing it, you still have questions then email us with your purchase reference – it starts with the letters “RC” and will appear on the email and proof of payment you receive after purchase*.

For those who require even more information there is The Prisons Handbook, the definitive 1,200-page annual guide to the prison system of England and Wales – full details are here.

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