Misconduct in public office

HMP Wayland teacher jailed over relationship with prisoner

A prison supply teacher has been jailed for misconduct over a relationship with an inmate. Melissa Frost, of North Walsham, Norfolk, shared 107 messages with the HMP Wayland prisoner during 2017, as well as ringing and writing letters. Judge Stephen Holt said the “most disturbing” feature was one she wrote on behalf of her children, […]

Student Left In Excruciating Pain After Police Baton Incident, Hearing Told

A student was left in “excruciating pain” after he was hit on the head with a police baton during a protest, a hearing was told. Alfie Meadows, 29, said he saw an officer “thrashing around” with the weapon before he was struck exactly nine years ago, when he suffered a head injury requiring emergency surgery. […]

A police officer accused of causing a student’s head injury by striking him with a baton as he protested against the tripling of tuition fees is to face a misconduct hearing.

A police officer accused of causing a student’s head injury by striking him with a baton as he protested against the tripling of tuition fees is to face a misconduct hearing. DC Mark Alston allegedly used excessive force while wielding his weapon in a “violent, uncontrolled and dangerous manner” at a group of demonstrators, according to City […]

Prison officer faces jail after admitting an inappropriate relationship with prisoner

A prison officer has admitted having a relationship with an inmate at the jail where she worked, the Crown Prosecution Service has said. Melissa Priestley, 33, worked at HMP Low Newton, a women’s prison in Durham where serial killer Rose West is locked up. An investigation was launched following a tip off and it uncovered Priestley […]

Cop and PSCO Convicted of Shocking Misconduct in Vigilante Murder

A police officer and a community support officer have been convicted of misconduct after the vigilante murder of a disabled man. Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, was beaten to death and his body set on fire by neighbour Lee James, who wrongly believed he was a paedophile, in Bristol in 2013. James was jailed for life for […]

Police Inspector ‘Lied about Events’ Misconduct Panel Told

A police inspector who ordered back-up to take their time, went to the wrong address while colleagues made urgent calls for assistance during a fight at a pizza parlour, a misconduct panel has heard. Inspector Jaswant Singh – left – told colleagues to “calm down” despite a police sergeant warning over the radio the scene […]

Guilty! Prison Officer who made £20,000 from selling stories to the press

A corrupt prison officer from top security HMP Belmarsh has been found guilty of leaking stories about celebrity inmates to the Daily Mirror over six years. Grant Pizzey, 50, made nearly £20,000 from the tabloid for tips about “notorious” prisoners including Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs, hate preacher Abu Hamza and serial killers Steve Wright […]

Prison Officer told he faces jail

A former prison officer from north London could be locked up behind bars for selling story tips to the Daily Mirror. Joseph De Souza, 51, sold a string of tips about the treatment of Tracey Connelly to the Daily Mirror after she was jailed for the death of her infant son, Peter. His leaks resulted […]

Prison officer admits misconduct in public office

A former prison officer who leaked stories to the Sun about a Serco-run immigration centre in west London has pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office. While working as a prisoner custody officer, Mark Blake, 42, from Slough, was paid nearly £8,000 for tips about the Colnbrook secure immigration removal centre in Hillingdon which […]

Police officer couldn’t control sexual urges

A police constable was “unable to contain his urges” as he committed a string of sexual assaults while on duty, a court has heard. Christopher Hopkins, 41, is said to have targeted his three alleged victims between 2006 and 2013 – an under-age girl, a 17-year-old girl and a work colleague at Merseyside Police. The […]

Prison officer tipped off journalists

A former prison officer at top-security HMP Belmarsh tipped off a journalist about a Roman Catholic chaplain having relationships with inmates because he believed it was being “swept under the carpet”, a court has heard. Robert Norman, 54, is accused of committing misconduct in a public office by becoming the “paid mole” of reporter Stephen […]

Camera smuggled in to hospital to snap Ian Brady

A “disgruntled” man from Liverpool smuggled a camera into a high-security psychiatric hospital in a bid to sell photos of notorious serial killer Ian Brady to the News of the World for £50,000, a court has heard. Alan Hagan, 48, is on trial at the Old Bailey over his dealings with News of the World […]