Fraudsters in Britain “operate with impunity”

Fraudsters in Britain “operate with impunity” because the police are not adequately equipped to investigate them, a report has concluded. No force can cope with the rapidly increasing number of cases and they are regularly handed to “unskilled investigators”, it revealed. Millions of victims are being failed and police staff say “they can no longer […]

Bogus solicitor faces jail

A man who pretended to be a qualified and experienced solicitor as he represented clients at the High Court is facing a possible jail sentence. Richard Lipscombe, 44, was hired by a construction firm to be its legal representative in a civil dispute, and posed as a genuine solicitor before a judge. He suggested in […]

Banks ‘forging signatures on industrial scale’

Julian Watts claims forged signatures appear on documents used in court proceedings for disputes and repossessions If Julian Watts is a conspiracy theorist, as his detractors would have you believe, he doesn’t exactly look the part. The former consultant, once an adviser to bosses of international companies, has the considered air of a regional accountant […]

Grade 7 senior civil servant stole £1.7m from Ministry of Justice

A civil servant who stole more than £1.7 million from the Ministry of Justice to buy a lavish home and cars has been jailed for three-and-a-half years. Allan Williams, 37, masterminded a “sophisticated” fraud by setting up payments to a fake company for two years. Williams, who as a Grade 7 civil servant would be earning £50,000-£60,000 a year, […]