In-cell TV

Grayling In Prison Privileges Crackdown

All convicted male prisoners are to be banned from watching violent and sexually explicit films as part of a crackdown on “perks” that comes into effect today. Inmates will also be required to wear a uniform for their first two weeks behind bars, and will lose automatic access to daytime television and gym equipment. The […]

Cameron Challenged on In-Cell TV Costs

Hospital patients pay £41 extra a week compared to prisoners to watch television, a Conservative MP said as he urged David Cameron to justify the cost. Conservative Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, said he was surprised to learn it cost his brother £6 a day to watch television in hospital in Doncaster while he understood […]


The Prisons Minister has suggested that inmates should be BANNED from watching satellite television in their cells. Around 40 per cent of offenders in private prisons have access to channels such as Sky – in return for a small weekly charge – but it’s not allowed in publicly-run jails. Prisoners in public sector jails can […]