Independent Monitoring Board

Shocking new figures show IMBs have 618 vacancies – while some Boards are crippled trying to operate at just 25% membership others are awash with over 144% agreed Membership levels

Shocking new figures obtained by The Prison Oracle show Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) have over 600 current Membership vacancies – and while some Boards are crippled trying to operate with just 25% of what is its agreed membership, other Boards are awash with members – some with 144% over capacity. Mark Leech Editor of The […]

New IMB Reports Issued today

The IMBs at HMP Wandsworth and Styal have issued their 2018/2019 Annual Reports HMP Styal HMP Wandsworth – the IMB confirm that the prison exceeded its Operational capacity in May 2019 You are unauthorized to view this page.

HMP Wealstun: A ‘very difficult year’ despite 10 Prisons Project funds

A jail given extra funding through the government’s high-profile 10 Prisons Project has had a “very difficult year” with high levels of violence, self harm and drug use, the prison’s Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) has said. HMP Wealstun near Wetherby was one of 10 jails to share £10m from the scheme, announced in August 2018 and […]

HMP Liverpool – IMB Publish their latest Annual Report

HMP LIVERPOOL IMB SUMMARY Are prisoners treated fairly?  Prisoners are treated fairly and with decency in HMP Liverpool and staff make every effort to accommodate even the most challenging prisoners. However, there are occasions when fairness has been compromised when dealing with prisoners with the most complex mental health problems due to delays in transfer […]

HMP Whitemoor IMB Publish their latest Annual Report

HMP WHITEMOOR IMB ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY This report presents the findings of the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Whitemoor for the period 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019. IMB evidence comes from observations made on visits, scrutiny of records and of data, informal contact with prison staff, prisoners and their families, prisoner applications, attendance […]

HMYOI Huntercombe: IMB Report for 2018 finally published, almost a year after the reporting period ended. The Independent Monitoring Board for HMYOI Huntercombe has finally published its annual report for the period January to December 2018, almost a year after the reporting period. It is now available in the updated entry for Huntercombe on The Prison Oracle – link. Mark Leech, Editor of The Prisons Handbook for England and Wales […]

IMB Management Board Refuse to Disclose Advice Given to Boards on Stakeholder Surveys

The National Management Board of Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) have refused to disclose the advice they give to individual Boards on conducting Stakeholder Surveys. The refusal came in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request lodged by Mark Leech, Editor of The Prisons Handbook. Mr Leech described the refusal as “appalling”. Mr Leech […]

Wetherby IMB say Young Offender violence must be stopped

Calls have been made for urgent action to tackle the causes of violent behaviour resulting in “more and more” people being sent to young offender institutions. The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at HM YOI Wetherby made the plea to the Government in its 2018/19 report on the establishment. The young offender institution in West Yorkshire […]

Government blamed amid ‘alarming rise’ in violence at Pentonville Prison

Government neglect has “directly contributed” to an “alarming rise” in violence and drugs at one of the country’s oldest and busiest jails, it is claimed. The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at HMP Pentonville has called on Justice Secretary Robert Buckland and prisons minister Lucy Frazer to provide “adequate funds” so improvements can be made “as […]