Prison – Preston

‘Dozens’ of inmates test positive for coronavirus at Preston prison media reports

Positive results for Covid-19 tests taken by inmates at HMP Preston are in ‘double figures’, with staff and prisoners forced to isolate ‘in the dozens’ the Lancashire Post has reported. The news comes after HMP Preston was branded as ‘severely overcrowded’ and virtually impossible to facilitate social distancing in a recent Inspection Report. Currently, nearly […]

Sixteen prisons to receive X-ray scanners

  X-ray scanners are due to be installed in 16 of the country’s “most challenging” jails. Birmingham, Liverpool and Winchester will be the latest three prisons to receive the technology before it is rolled out to others later in the year. The “cutting edge” scanners, specially developed for the Prison Service, can produce “instant images from inside […]

HMP Preston: A reasonably good prison – but which could improve still further

HMP Preston was better than many other local jails and could make further progress, said Peter Clarke, Chief Inspector of Prisons. Today he published the report of an unannounced inspection of the local jail in Lancashire. Parts of HMP Preston date from the 18th century. It holds just over 800 adult male prisoners, drawn mainly […]