Siege at Long Lartin Prison Resolved

Prison officers were attacked with pool balls in a siege involving around 20 inmates at Long Lartin prison. Prisoners caused staff to retreat from a wing of HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire on Tuesday evening while damaging part of the building. Government officials now believe around 20 inmates are thought to have been involved. Prison […]

EXCLUSIVE! Prisoners Owe £2.25 million in Unpaid Prison Damage Compensation Orders.

Prisoners in England and Wales owe £2.25million to the taxpayer for damage caused to prisons and prison property. Since a change to the Prison Rules that came into effect in November 2013, prisons in England and Wales have been able to impose a requirement that a prisoner pay compensation via a Damage Obligation Order (doo) […]

Birmingham Prison – ‘The Worst Prison Riot Since Strangeways

Authorities have regained control of one of the country’s biggest jails after trouble described as the worst since the infamous 1990 Strangeways Prison riot. Hundreds of inmates were caught up in disorder after disturbances erupted across four wings of HMP Birmingham, lasting more than 12 hours. Riot squads were deployed to the category B jail […]