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The OK Logo.

Clients in custody have a legitimate expection that the advice they receive from prison lawyers will be based on an accurate knowledge of the law as it applies to them.

One way of identifying yourself to prisoners as possessing such knowledge is to display the ‘OK Logo’ in your advertising and on your stationery.

The ‘OK Logo’ is awarded to those who successfully complete the Institute’s Certificate of Competency in Prison Law course – and prisoners up and down the country know to look for it when searching for a prison lawyer.

Earn the right to display the OK Logo next to your name

Certificate of Competency in Prison Law Eight. 8 Modules (6 CPD points per module)

The Certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete all eight modules and obtain a pass mark of at least 80% in all eight multiple choice examinations. Accreditation lasts for one year and reaccreditation is obtained by attending an annual three hour Webinar on prison law updates (normally held in September) no further examinations are necessary.


Hundreds of lawyers, Prison Service Officers and Governors and many prison inmates themselves have already benefitted from this course – but don’t take our word for how good it is, just read what people themselves have to say:

JOHN WEATE, Solicitor & Partner RMNJ, Merseyside: “I am a senior solicitor with Higher Rights in Crime. In all the years of study I found this course to be one of the most worthwhile. I have been able to develop a Prison Law Department and over the course of 1 year it has grown to 3 full time fee earners and two part timers. If firms with criminal franchises want to develop and grow then I would recommend this course for those who would wish to become involved in providing the after-care service to sentenced criminal clients.”

JAMES SMITH-WILDS, Solicitor & Partner, Lawrences Solicitors, Wellingborough: “Can I just say what an absolute pleasure this course has been, almost without fail CPD courses are box ticking exercises, but this course has been a breath of fresh air. I already had an interest in Prison Law, but little knowledge, but I now feel able to conduct every area of prison law and have an expanding prison law practice which will soon rival our criminal work both in volume and fee earning—thanks again for what was a rewarding experience and a real pleasure to study.”

ALAN COUSINS, Governor, Head of Security, HMP Holloway: “I highly recommend this course to all of my Governor Grade colleagues”

RICHARD STEDMAN, GOVERNOR, HM PRISON CARDIFF: “I found this course very worthwhile and it has certainly helped me in my career.”

Registering and Paying for the Course:

The Institute of Prison Law has received a grant which enables prison inmates to study for the course at a discount, applications by inmates and members of the public are made on the same form, please click the link below to download the full course details and course Registration Form and either send a cheque (Payable to ‘PRISONS ORG UK LTD) with the form to the address shown on it, or pay securely online by clicking the appropriate link below and fax your Registration Form to 08450 660022

Download Registration Form / Course Syllabus

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