MARCH 2019

SORRY!  We have completely sold out of this publication, we will advise when a new edition is published

What quarterly publication offers prisoners a 12 month Diary, and has details of all prison establishments – listed alphabetically and by security category?

What publication carries details of law firms with proven Prison Law experience, lists Prison Service Orders, contains over 30 pages of advice on such things as cell-sharing, recalls, segregation, adjudications, reception, induction, security categorisation, work, pay, allocation, time in the open air and more – and sets out exactly where to look if you need more information on these subjects?

What publication provides contact information on more than 70 organisations that exist to help inmates, has 100 packed pages, is in its 42nd edition (2019), distributes tens of thousands of copies a year and, best of all is free to serving prisoners…..