HOOKED – The Unexpected Addicts

Melissa was an alcoholic; Jade had a drug problem. Both had to give up their jobs, as a teacher and a nurse. Now they’ve found new careers – as part of a generation of broadcasters helping the nation’s bereaved, heartbroken and addicted.  “Hooked” their series of Podcasts are important, brutally honest and thoroughly recommended. Just […]

The former head teacher of a British public school’s Chinese offshoot has been sentenced to ten months in prison in Singapore for drug offences.

The former head teacher of a British public school’s Chinese offshoot has been sentenced to ten months in prison in Singapore for drug offences. Between 2014 and 2017 Damien Charnock, 60, was the head of Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. He then moved to Singapore to work for Dulwich College International. He was previously head of […]

New measures to tackle Drones – 165 found in Prisons

Police will be given more powers and resources to crack down on illegal drone use in a bid to avoid a repeat of the chaos this caused at airports and the use made of drones to transport illicit items into prisons. Figures reveal that a total of 165 drones were found in prisons in 2017 […]

UK Government Responds to Critical Report on Prisons by the European Council

Prisons in the UK are “awash” with synthetic drugs that are linked to rising levels of violence, a European human rights organisation CPT has said – in a report to which the Government has now responded. READ THE REPORT  READ THE UK GOVERNMENT RESPONSE You are unauthorized to view this page.

Phone detection kit introduced in prisons

Specialist mobile detection technology is being used to detect and seize illegal phones used by prisoners, Justice Secretary David Gauke revealed -Sunday, 21 April. Justice Secretary announces new mobile detection technology in prisons Will allow prison officers to pinpoint mobile phone signal down to precise cell Part of wider efforts to reduce violence and drug […]

HMP Durham: Must Address Violence, Drugs and Deaths says Inspectors

HMP Durham, a heavily overcrowded prison, was found by inspectors to have significant problems with drugs and violence and worryingly high levels of self-harm and self-inflicted and drug-related deaths. Durham became a reception prison in 2017. Around 70% of the 900 men in the jail were either on remand or subject to recall and over […]

Mail & Property Scanners installed in ’10 Jails Project’ Prisons

Prisons have been issued with specialist scanning equipment and detailed instructions on handling incoming mail following a surge in attempts to post drug-laced paper and other contraband to inmates. Correspondence is being exploited to convey illicit substances and items into establishments, according to an official security briefing seen by the Press Association. Instances have been […]

UK Border Officer Jailed for 23 Years in Drugs Plot

A UK border officer has been jailed for 23 years over a foiled plot to smuggle £3.6 million worth of drugs and guns into the country. Simon Pellett, 37, was arrested in France in a supermarket car park in October 2017 after being caught with a Border Agency van loaded with the illegal goods. In […]

HMP Preston – No Mambulances Since January. Copy that?

The IMB at Preston report the prison has found an effective way to stop inmates getting their hands on psychoactive substances like Spice – by using a photocopier. Preston staff found the drugs were being smuggled into the jail via the prisoners’ mail, after the paper used to write the letters was soaked in the […]