ECHR Rules Terrorism justifies closed courts

European Court of Human Rights published: January 15, 2016 Sher and Others v United Kingdom (Application No 5201/11) Before G. Raimondi, President and Judges P. Hirvelä, L, Bianku, N. Tsotsoria, P. Mahoney, F. Vehabović and Y. Grozev Section Registrar: F. Elens-Passos Judgment: October 20, 2015 The right of suspected terrorists to take proceedings to challenge […]

Whole life sentence to be re-examined

A triple killer’s claim that his whole-life prison sentence breaches his human rights is to be re-examined by European judges. Arthur Hutchinson’s case will be considered again after it was referred to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Earlier this year a judgment from the Strasbourg court ruled that there […]

Wrongly convicted men seek landmark payout ruling

Two men convicted of crime who served long sentences before being freed by the Court of Appeal are fighting potential landmark cases for compensation. They are asking the High Court to rule that UK law is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) because it wrongly restricts compensation in “miscarriage of justice” cases. […]

European Court Rules Whole Life Sentences Lawful

Triple killer Arthur Hutchinson, who murdered three members of the same family in Sheffield, has lost his challenge at the European Court of Human Rights against his whole-life prison sentence. The judgment is the latest development in the protracted legal wrangle over “life means life” terms. Hutchinson was jailed in 1984 for stabbing wealthy couple […]

Prisoner Vote Decision Delayed Again

A decision over whether prisoners should be given the vote could delayed until after the next general election, the Justice Secretary has indicated. Chris Grayling said complex recommendations made by a cross-party committee about how to deal with the controversial issue had caused delays, and refused to rule out kicking the issue into the next […]

“Distasteful”: Ministers Plan To Sidestep Human Rights Ruling

Murderers and those convicted of other serious offences could be given sentences lasting hundreds of years to sidestep European regulations that ban whole-life terms, it is reported – which one critic called ‘distasteful’.. Ministers are considering introducing the lengthy sentences to get around a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the Daily […]

Tory Plans On Human Rights Shake Up

The Conservative Party will draft proposed new laws to curtail the impact of European human rights legislation on Britain in the coming year, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said. Pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights altogether is still being considered by the party, Mr Grayling added. Other possibilities are also being reviewed […]

Attorney General Warns Of ‘International Anarchy’ Over Prisoner Voting

Flouting European judges over prisoner voting would risk international “anarchy”, the Government’s chief law officer has warned. Attorney General Dominic Grieve, above, said sticking to international rules could be “irksome” at times. But it had been the “settled view” of British governments for centuries that such obligations should be met. The intervention came in evidence […]