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Julian Assange Extradition Fight Begins Today

Julian Assange will formally begin his fight against being handed over to the US, where he faces accusations he helped leak hundreds of thousands of classified documents. The WikiLeaks founder is due to appear in a London court on Monday for the first day of his full extradition hearing. The 48-year-old is wanted in America […]

Julian Assange: ‘Harassed by Belmarsh Cell Searches’ says his father

Julian Assange’s father has claimed his son was “harassed” by a prison cell search the day before the start of his court battle against extradition. John Shipton visited the WikiLeaks founder at Belmarsh Prison in south-east London for two hours on Sunday. Speaking to reporters afterwards outside, Mr Shipton demanded Assange be released on bail. “For the life of […]

Julian Assange ‘moved out of solitary confinement’ at HMP Belmarsh

Julian Assange has been moved out of solitary confinement in a prison medical wing to an area with other inmates, according to WikiLeaks. The move was described by his supporters as a “dramatic climbdown”, affecting his treatment at Belmarsh jail in south-east London. He has been held at the high-security prison since last April, when he was dragged out […]

Judge warns against any further delay in Julian Assange’s extradition case

A judge has warned against any further delay in hearing Julian Assange’s fight against extradition to the US on charges over the leak of classified documents. The WikiLeaks founder’s full hearing is now likely to run into summer, after lawyers on both sides asked for it to be split in two parts. District Judge Vanessa […]