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Knife and Offensive Weapon Sentencing Statistics: July to September 2019

These key statistics describe the trends in the number of knife or offensive weapon offences receiving cautions and convictions in England and Wales. Its does not cover all knife or offensive weapon crimes (offences involving a knife or offensive weapon) as published by the Office for National Statistics. The information presented combines all three types […]

A decade closes: crime in three charts

Crime Levels of knife crime have grown so steeply since the middle of the decade that there are now plans to treat it as a public health epidemic. Britain’s prison population is high in historic terms but figures show that the number of people incarcerated has fallen a long way from a peak in 2012. This […]

Update: Stabbing ‘Murder’ at Youth Offending Service ‘Knife Awareness’ Course

STABBING MURDER AT YOS  ‘KNIFE AWARENESS’ COURSE UPDATE: 9/11/2019 – 11:31am A teenager accused of murdering an 18-year-old man at a knife awareness course in west London has appeared in court. Hakim Ishmael Daba Sillah died in hospital after being stabbed at the Youth Offending Service in Hillingdon Civic Centre on High Street, Uxbridge, on […]

Knife and Offensive Weapon Sentencing Statistics: April to June 2019

The Government have just issued Knife and Offensive Weapon sentencing statistics for April to June 2019 Trends in cautioning and sentencing of knife and offensive weapon offences – see the links below. Knife_and_Offensive_Weapon_Sentencing_All_Tables_Q2_2019.ods Knife_Possession_Sentencing.xlsx  Knife_and_Offensive_Weapon_Sentencing_Pub_Q2_2019.pdf You are unauthorized to view this page.

“I want offenders to feel terror” – new Home Secretary declares

Priti Patel has said she wants criminals to “feel terror” at the thought of offending, as she distanced herself from her comments in support of the death penalty. In her first interview as Home Secretary, she pledged to get a grip on violent crime after Boris Johnson committed to recruiting 20,000 more police officers. “I’ve […]