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Research Briefing: Terrorist Offenders (Release) Bill 2020

The Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Bill 2019-20 was introduced on 11 February 2020. All stages in the House of Commons are due to take place on 12 February 2020. The Bill has been introduced in response to the terrorist attacks on London Bridge in November 2019 and in Streatham in February 2020. The […]

Research Briefing: Prisoners (Disclosure of Information about Victims) Bill 2019-20

Research Briefing he Prisoners (Disclosure of Information about Victims) Bill 2019-20 was introduced in the House of Commons on 8 January 2020. It is due to have Second Reading on 11 February 2020. The Bill would place a statutory obligation on the Parole Board to take into account an offender’s non-disclosure of certain information when […]

Research Briefing – Youth Custody

  A new research briefing on Youth Custody is now on our Database. Overview. Children remanded or sentenced to custody are placed in a Young Offenders Institution, a Secure Training Centre or a Secure Children’s Home. Concerns have been raised about the current provision of youth custody, The Government has accepted proposals to introduce secure […]

Research Briefing – Non-Custodial Sentences

A new Research Briefing on the subject of non-custodial sentences is now available on our Research Briefing Database. Key Points Non-custodial sentences include discharges, fines and community orders. Fines make up the vast majority of non-custodial sentences given. The types of sentence given to individuals from different demographics (such as young people or women) vary. […]

Research Briefing: The Prison Estate 2019

19th December 2019 This briefing describes the prison estate in England and Wales. It discusses conditions in the estate and the Government’s ‘Prison Estate Transformation Programme’. The prison estate in England and Wales contains 117 prisons holding people who have been sentenced or are on remand awaiting trial for a range of crimes. The prison […]