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CCRC: Court of Appeal – Lady in The Lake Appeal starts today

1030 – today The safety of the conviction of the late Gordon Park for the murder of his wife Carol, who disappeared in 1975 and was found by amateur divers in Coniston Water in the Lake District in 1997, is to be considered by Court of Appeal judges. The challenge against his 2005 conviction follows […]

Parole Board Oral Hearings – New Policy Issued

This framework applies to Parole Board oral hearings for all prisoners, including those subject to the Generic Parole Process and recall cases. It sets the expected standards for the provision and facilitation of all Parole Board oral hearings, including requirements. The framework confirms the appropriate escalation routes for both establishments and Parole Board members should […]

Deaths in Custody – New Reports Issued

Four new Death in Custody Reports and action plans have been issued for deaths at HMP’s Holme House, Leeds, Stafford and Garth You are unauthorized to view this page.

HMP Cardiff – Hundreds of prisoners are leaving jail homeless, inspection reports have warned.

Hundreds of prisoners are leaving jail homeless, inspection reports have warned. Concerns were raised about the situation at HMP Cardiff, with inspectors citing a “well-established link” between homelessness and the risk of re-offending. The report comes as separate research conducted in Europe’s largest women’s prison, HMP Bronzefield in Middlesex, which holds about 500, suggests most inmates are […]

HMP Buckley Hall – A well led and very safe prison

HMP Buckley Hall, a men’s training prison near Rochdale in Lancashire, was found by inspectors to be a “very safe prison” in which violence and use of force by staff had fallen over the last three years. The prison, during the inspection in July 2019, held a population ranging in age and sentence length. Nearly […]

Oral Parole Hearings

New Parole Board Policy Framework issued today Parole Board oral hearing administration and attendance policy framework The framework sets out the mandatory requirements and guidance for all prison and probation staff involved in the oral hearing administration process and witness attendance at an oral hearing. The framework includes requirements and guidance for: the preparation and […]

Latest MOJ Freedom of Information Act Replies

— Police referrals and prosecutions — Ministry of Justice sent a response to Mark Fairhurst ( 1 November 2019) “Dear Mr Fairhurst, Please find attached a response to your recent FOI request. Yours sincerely, Maureen Easton Briefing and Correspondence Team He…” — List of currently constructed prisons/detention centers/etc — Ministry of Justice sent a […]

New Official Publications

PAROLE BOARD DECISION MAKING FRAMEWORK PUBLISHED The Decision-Making Framework is a structured approach used by Parole Board members in making parole decisions. It was introduced in April 2019 and published 1st November 2019. The Framework is a consistent, shared expression of the decision-making process used by members. In using the Framework, members exercise independent professional […]