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Teenagers attack staff ‘for honour’ in Feltham A youth prison

Reported in The Times today 6th August 2019. Inmates are attacking officers as a “mark of honour” at a young offender institution plagued by gang allegiances and rivalries. Staff at Feltham A in west London are also being assaulted by teenagers when they try to stop them attacking each other. Separating gangs has dominated prison […]


NEW APPROACH NEEDED AFTER ‘EXTRAORDINARY COLLAPSE IN SAFETY AND CARE’ SAYS CHIEF INSPECTOR HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has called on the Secretary of State for Justice to intervene urgently in Feltham A Young Offender Institution (YOI) after an inspection last week disclosed an “extraordinary” decline in safety, care and activity for the children held […]

HMP BRISTOL – Chief Inspector Issues Urgent Notification

The country’s most senior prison inspector has demanded the Justice Secretary take action over the squalid and dangerous conditions at HMP Bristol – issuing his fifth ever Urgent Notification. Peter Clarke invoked a rarely-used protocol forcing David Gauke to respond publicly after inspectors found high levels of violence, filthy cells and poor training and education. Mr Clarke […]

The Prisons Inspectorate ‘Urgent Notification Protocol’: Does It Work?

By Mark Leech FRSA. Editor: The Prisons Handbook. NINE MONTHS AFTER THE FIRST URGENT NOTIFICATION WAS ISSUED BY THE CHIEF INSPECTOR OF PRISONS, IT IS TIME TO LOOK AND SEE IF IT WORKS. Like many who know a thing or two about prisons I was really encouraged last November when HM Chief Inspector of Prisons […]

Chief prisons inspector demands urgent government action to tackle appalling violence and squalor at HMP Birmingham

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has called on the Justice Secretary to launch an urgent and independent enquiry to understand how the privately run HMP Birmingham, one of Britain’s biggest jails, has “slipped into crisis” in only 18 months. Inspectors found the prison in “an appalling state” with high violence, widespread bullying, squalid living conditions […]