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1. HMP East Sutton Park IMB Annual Report: A safe, well-run prison with good staff/inmate relationships

2. Hospital gets support from Northumberland prison

3. Covid outbreak at HMP Ranby leads to soaring infection rate in north Nottinghamshire

4. President Biden to direct Justice Department to not renew contracts with private prisons

5. Ex-Offender Livingston FC manager David Martindale deemed ‘fit and proper’ by SFA

6. Coronavirus in Ireland: Prisoners ‘should get tablets to enable remote learning’

7. Prisoner doing life tips cup full of faeces over female Prison Officer

8. Deaths in Custody Database update

9. Inmate tried to slash prison officer’s throat at South Yorkshire jail chanting “Allahu Akbar”

10. HMP Birmingham prisoner dies after being taken to hospital

11. HMP/YOI Hindley – Rising violence, 59% +ve drug tests and a 5-month backlog of unmonitored public protection phone calls not listened to

12. HMP Featherstone IMB: A plethora of complaints from shocking accommodation to appalling new education provision.

13. Solitary confinement for child offenders faces Supreme Court challenge – full reports and listen to a recording of the one and a half day hearing

14. X-ray scanners stop over 1,000 illegal items entering prisons say MOJ – but that is not what their security chief says

15. Prison Terrorism Inquiry to be announced: “We are not dealing with Criminals, but Combatants.”

16. Dr Mary Louisa Gordon: the amazing woman airbrushed from Prison Inspectorate history

17. Hundreds of new cells to be built in women’s jails despite repeat calls to reduce prison population

18. Covid-19 Death at HMP Whatton

19. Latest Death in Custody: Care at HMPs Lewes and Ford criticised for cancer patient

20. The Grindr Killer gets Life

21. FOI Database now Updated

22. Latest Prison Population figures published

23. The former Prison Officer now making a difference to people’s lives

24. HMP Channings Wood publish their 2019/2020 Annual Report

25. Latest Death in Custody

26. Justice Data Lab Quarterly

27. Violent prisoner stamped on fellow inmate’s head during long-running feud at HMP Wakefield

28. Covd-19: Open prison Hollesley Bay has ‘quarter of inmates’ infected

29. Man guilty of beating officer during brawl at HM Prison Portland

30. Unique partnership will help better prepare prisoners for release

31. HMP Hewell showing early signs of improvement say IMB in their 2019/2020 annual report

32. Managing the pandemic in prisons

33. Probation Instructions 2010 to 2019

34. HMYOI Deerbolt – IMB publish their 2019/2020 annual report

35. Latest documents from the Parole Board

36. Latest Deaths in Custody

37. Prison Service Failures to Support Young Adults Incites Reoffending

38. In 17 months, from three prisons, 176 staff were sacked, retired or resigned.

39. Youngest terrorist will go free after five years in jail

40. Prison officer jailed after sending explicit sexual pictures to teenage inmates at Wetherby prison

41. MOJ refuse to say how many affected by Covid outbreak at HMP Nottingham

42. Tributes paid to North West dad, 22, found dead in his prison cell

43. 25 Northern Ireland prisoners released due to Covid are back in custody

44. HMYOI Cookham Wood – “Inhumane” – IMB complain of “Chronic Lack” of mental health resources for children

45. Chief Inspectors: ‘Crown Court delays pose greatest risk to criminal justice’

46. HMP Huntercombe – Well-led and Impressive Progress on Rehabilitation and Release Planning, but Concerns over Limited Time out of Cells

47. Covid strikes down 69 judges amid chaos in courts and jails

48. Secure video calls help all prisoners maintain essential family ties during pandemic

49. Inside Connections works with Shipley College to provide jobs

50. Home Office warned of ‘creaking’ police database

51. Suspended prison officer is accused of having ‘extreme’ pornographic videos of dog and horse

52. Prison unit for UK’s most dangerous terrorists could be radicalising inmates even more says IMB

53. A vulnerable prisoner’s conditions of detention ruled incompatible with the European Convention

54. Serial killer Dennis Nilsen’s autobiography reveals ‘confessions’ from beyond the grave

55. Legal action started over Yarl’s Wood asylum seeker plan

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