What is it? A 150-page Update to The Prisons Handbook 2018, updating the establishment section and other selected parts, available as an electronic .pdf file or as a paperback book – with a discount for HMPPS and prisoners.


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The electronic .pdf update is intended for the public, the paperback edition while available to all, is intended for serving prisoners who do not have internet access. 


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This 150-page update contains the latest Prison Establishment information for the following establishments – including the four prisons subject to Urgent Notification – that has become available since publication of the main work in May 2018. It is correct to 1st December 2018.

  • HMP Altcourse 
  • HMP Belmarsh 
  • HMP Bedford Urgent Notification  
  • HMP Birmingham Urgent Notification
  • HMYOI Brinsford
  • HMP & YOI Chelmsford
  • HMYOI Deerbolt 
  • HMP Dovegate TC
  • HMP Exeter Urgent Notification 
  • HMYOI Feltham A. 
  • HMP Gartree
  • HMP High Down
  • HMP Hindley 
  • HMP Hull 
  • HMP Humber 
  • HMP Kirkham 
  • HMP Leeds 
  • HMP Leicester 
  • HMP Long Lartin 
  • HMP & YOI Low Newton 
  • HMP Manchester 
  • HMP & YOI Nottingham Urgent Notification
  • HMP Oakwood 
  • HMP Peterborough (Male) 
  • HMP Ranby 
  • HMP Send 
  • HMP & YOI Styal 
  • HMP Mount 
  • HMP Wakefield 
  • HMP Wandsworth 
  • HMYOI Werrington 
  • HMYOI Wetherby and Keppel 
  • HMP Woodhill 


  • Latest list of Governing Governors. This updates the names of all current Governing Governors for public and private prison establishments correct to 1st December 2018.
  • National Prison Management 2018/19. This document updates the senior management of HM Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS).
  • Prison Performance Ratings 2018, published 26th July 2018.
  • Cost Per Prisoner Place 2017/18. Costs per place and costs per prisoner by individual prison
  • HM Prison & Probation Service Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18
  • Management Information Addendum. Published 25th October 2018 Private Sector Prison Contractors 2019, correct to 1st December 2018.
  • Other United Kingdom Prison Addresses, correct to 1st December 2018.
  • Offending Behaviour Courses November 2018

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