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Press Releases going back to 2009 from HMPPS, MOJ, Parole Board, Prisons Inspectorate, PPO, Probation Inspectorate, G4S, Serco, Sodexo and other organisations with a professional interest in prisons.

What’s Here? 

Press Releases from all the main prison ‘players’: HMPPS, MOJ, HMIPrisons, HMIProbation, G4S, Sodeo, Serco, Parole Board, updated daily Monday to Friday

  • G4S – press releases by the private prisons company G4S back to 2009
  • HM Prison & Probation Service – Press Releases from 2014 to the present day
  • Ministry of Justicethis now has over 1,500 press releases, going back to 2009, a decade of News items, Appointments, Speeches and Publications – each split into their own section.
  • Parole Board – this now has all Parole Board press releases going back to 2013
  • Prison Inspectoratethis now has over 600 press releases, from 2012 to the present day
  • Prisons & Probation Ombudsmanthe PPO rarely issues press releases, unlike all the other organisations associated with prisons, but this page now has almost 100 ‘Learning Lessons Bulletins’ and Media releases, and our Deaths in Custody Database carries over 2,300 of the PPO’s Fatal Incident Reports, set out by year and by individual establishment in which the death occurred – something you do not get anywhere else.
  • Probation Inspectoratethis now has over 640 press releases, from 2013 to the present day
  • Serco – press releases by the private prisons company Serco
  • Sodexo – press releases by the private prisons company Sodexo

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