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The Prisons Handbook 2024

The Prisons Handbook 2024 was published on 20th October 2023. Please use the link below to find out how to order your copy now and the discount prices available.

“An incredible reference book on Prisons; I keep a copy in my top drawer and I refer to it frequently” Director General, HM Prison Service.

“Strongly recommended” Chief Executive HM Prison & Probation Service 2023.

It is the definitive annual reference book on the prison system of England and Wales and has been for 25 years.

Cell Companion 2024

The Cell Companion 2024, published December 2023. 

Converse National Monthly Prisons Newspaper

The largest circulation national monthly prisons newspaper, delivered to prisons in print and also available in digital format to prisoners in prisons with in-cell technology!

Looking for a prisoner – place an advert in the largest circulation national monthly prisons newspaper for England and Wales for just £9.99!

MOJ Approved Book Retailer

Written Statement by Victoria Atkins MP, Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice on the Prison Approved Book Retailer Scheme

“The Incentives Policy Framework outlines a list of nine approved retailers [Prisons Org UK are one] from which family and friends can send books into prisoners. The approved retailers scheme is often a more efficient method of getting books to prisoners and helps to reduce demand on searching procedures.”

Prison Law Index 2024

Prison Law Index 2024 published December 2023.

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