The Prisons Handbook 2022

The fully revised and updated 2022 edition is published in November 2021 – but you can buy it now at the pre-publication price Order Here 

At 1,600 pages it is the definitive annual reference book on the prison system of England and Wales and has been for 25 years.

“An incredible reference book on Prisons; I keep a copy in my top drawer and I refer to it frequently” Director General, HM Prison Service.

“Strongly recommended” Chief Executive HM Prison & Probation Service 2020.

Converse National Monthly Prisons Newspaper

The only national monthly prisons newspaper edited and published by reformed offenders!

Looking for a prisoner – place an advert in the largest circulation national monthly prisons newspaper for England and Wales for just £9.99!

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Cell Companion 2021

FOURTH EDITION – November 2021. From reception to release, The Cell Companion covers legal rights, housing, family, healthcare, personal injury, vulnerable prisoners, and it tackles the difficult issues too – like self-harm, avoiding gangs, extremism, drugs, the dangers of debt, bullying and the real fatal dangers of ‘legal highs’.

Inside Parkhurst

Assaults. Riots. Cell fires. Understaffed wings. Suicides. Hooch. Weapons. It’s all in a week’s work at HMP Parkhurst.

After working as a prison officer for 22 years at HMP Parkhurst, David Berridge has had to deal with it all. Inside Parkhurst is his raw, uncompromising look at what really goes on behind the massive prison walls. Thrown in at the deep end, David quickly had to work out how to deal with the most cunning and volatile of prisoners, and learn how to avoid their many scams. He has been assaulted and abused; he has tackled cell fires and attempted suicides, riots and dirty protests; foiled escapes, and prevented prisoners from attempting to murder other prisoners. Both horrifying and hilarious, David’s diaries will shock and entertain in equal measure.

Inmate/Charity: £16.99 FREE p&p
Public: £19.99 FREE p&p

Prison Law Index 2022

FIFTH EDITION 2022. The Prison Law Index 2021 is completely sold out – but The Prison Law Index 2022 is now available to buy at reduced pre-publication prices prior to publication in November 2021. Prison Law is a hugely important subject, affecting the rights and liberties of almost 80,000 people every single day – yet its sources are spread around a plethora of places from statute, to statutory instruments, prison service orders, prison service instructions, advice to governors, circular instructions, standing orders and Policy Frameworks….. and the highly popular Prison Law Index brings all those sources together within one book!

The No-Equipment Workout Perfect for Small Spaces
Cell Workout is a bodyweight training guide devised from a prison cell but accessible to anyone who wants to get fit in a small space using no specialist equipment. Using your own body weight – the oldest exercise equipment out there – Cell Workout guides you through understanding how to make bodyweight training work for you, helping you to achieve any personal training goal or maintain a healthy physical condition. With workouts for those of varying ability and fitness, the step-by-step exercise instructions and accompanying photographs for LJ’s 10 Week Cell Workout are easy to follow and tailor to you, improving all aspects of your physical fitness.

Inmate/Charity: £29.99 FREE p&p
Public: £35.18 FREE p&p

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