Prisons Legal Cases Database

Latest O'Brien v Independent Adjudicator [2019] EWHC 2884 (Admin)  30th October 2019. An Independent Adjudicator has no power to refer a case to the Police Responding to human rights judgments Report to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the Government’s response to human rights judgments 2018–2019 Landmark Cases Helens-Law-The-Bodyless-Case-of-MacKenney-and-Pinfold.pdf Books-For-Prisoners-Barbara-Gordon-Jones.pdf Daly-v-Secretary-of-State-Legal-Letters-searching.pdf Leech-Governors-Adjudications-House-of-Lords.pdf Leech-Solicitors-Letters-legal-professional-privilege.pdf Raymond-v-Honey-Governor-in-Contempt-of-Court-House-of-Lords.pdf […]

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