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Latest edition: July 2022

(Next edition 5th August 2022

In our massive 40-pages we lead this month on the Government’s new drive to reduce reoffending by quadrulping the number of Clinks’ kitchens whereby prisoners are trained for jobs in the hospitality industry.

In other news…

  • HMPPS Prison Officer of the Year Award 2022
  • European Judges Block Rwanda Deportations
  • “Very Concerning” Death of Roy Zwozny at HMP Nottingham
  • Running Prisons with Purpose – HM Chief Inspector of Prisons
  • Restraint Orders and How They Work – Solicitor Paul O’Donnell
  • Prison Leavers to be Fitted with Sobriety Tags – Despite £98m Loss
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission – Who We Are and What We Do
  • Speak Up, We’re Listening: Michael Jefferies Solicitor on Personal Injury
  • HM Treasury Rules Out Extra Money to Fund HMPPS Wage Rise
  • How Good Leadership Can Transform Prisons
  • HMP The Mount – more Investment in Education and Skills Needed
  • HMP Wayland to get New Workshop
  • Serco Plans to Convert Student Halls into Accommodation for 480 Asylum Seekers
  • Readers Letters on Book Purchases and Marrying while on Remand
  • Police Officer Jailed for Racist Whatsapp Messages
  • The New Sentence Calculation Framework – Dean Kingham, Solicitor
  • Tales from the Fraud Squad – Terminal Cancer Liar jailed
  • HMP Albany Prisoners Given Compensation over 2015 Major Fire
  • What Happens When Juries Believe A Liar?
  • Transfers of Indeterminate Sentence Prisoners to Open Prisons – Rule Change
  • HMP Northumberland: Fake Law Firm Drug Organiser Spared Jail
  • Thailand Legalises Cannabis
  • HMP Elmley – Stagnation in Prisoner Outcomes
  • HMP Highpoint 50% Expansion Planned
  • and loads more too!

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