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Latest edition: January 2022

(Next edition 4th February 2022

In our massive 40-pages we lead this month on the Government’s cross-departmental Drugs Strategy, published last month that marks a significant and welcome shift in the landscape for treatment and recovery. Not only does the Strategy recognise addiction as a chronic health condition, but it takes on board all of the recommendations from Dame Carol Black’s independent review of drugs, including a £780 million funding boost for treatment and wider recovery support following almost a decade of disinvestment.

In other news…

  • A former accountant explains why she chucked in her career to become a Prison Officer
  • Prisons Ombudsman publishes analysis of Covid-19 death investigations
  • We list of those in HMPPS who were bestowed in the New Year’s Honours List
  • Solicitor Michael Jefferies, an expert on Personal Injury law, looks at trip and slip injuries in prison
  • Prisoners are sentenced for a large scale disturbance at HMP Humber
  • Prisoner is sentenced for ‘Misogynist’ attack on female prison officer
  • Readers letters look at how Unexplained Wealth Orders and Interim Freezing Orders work, and why it is Converse policy not to have a special Christmas edition of the newspaper.
  • Paul O’Donnell of Imran Khan and Partners discusses Proceeds of Crime Act Confiscation Orders
  • We cover the case of the solicitor who nicked his prisoner client’s cash to pay off his overdraft
  • and loads more too!

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