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Latest edition: April 2024

(Next edition 4th May 2024

In the 40 packed pages of our April 2024 edition we lead by looking at the tragic story of six deaths in three weeks at HMP Parc and the dire warning from the new Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Adrian Usher that as four of the six deaths were drug-related, and specifically the drug Spice, prisoners must ditch their drugs.

This month we also cover

  • The arrest of three people in connection with drugs smuggled into a prison. ​
  • The expansion of HMP Elmley in Kent to provide additional prison places. ​
  • The MoJ’s plan to deliver 20,000 new prison places. ​
  • The availability of official documents in prison libraries. ​
  • The acknowledgment of drugs being easily accessible in prisons. ​
  • The increase in violent incidents and illicit substances at HMP Wormwood Scrubs. ​
  • The areas for development identified by the IMB HMP Wakefield. ​
  • The potential for reduced sentences for pregnant women and new mothers convicted of most types of crime. ​
  • The possibility of appealing on the basis of inadequate defence due to negligence or incompetence by trial representatives. ​
  • The changes to the recall and tagging rules for offenders released from jail. ​
  • The concerns raised about plans to criminalise homelessness. ​
  • The priority concerns identified during the inspection of HMP/YOI Hindley, including safety, drugs, infrastructure, and prisoner well-being. ​
  • The high court judge’s intervention in the unlawful imprisonment of an inmate at Wandsworth Prison. ​
  • The concerns raised about the early release of prisoners and its potential impact on domestic abuse victims. ​
  • The undercover investigation into security lapses at HMP Bedford and the nationwide prison crisis. ​

And lots more too….

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