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Latest edition: November 2023

(Next edition 6th December 2023

In the 40 packed pages of our November 2023 edition we lead by looking at the reform of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act where the barrier to employment has been lifted for thousands of ex-offenders whose previous disclosable convictions are now regarded as spent!

And among other things this month are….

Express solicitors: lawyers helping injured people

Expert prison law solicitor Dean Kingham of Reece Thomas Watson solicitors questions how the Parole Board, who insist prisoners on licence adhere to all their conditions, are able to breach their own rules?

Carrington’s solicitors expand their Prison Law Department

Prison officer who printed topless selfies for inmate gets suspended sentence

Michael Stone convictions are to be reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission

Pop up prison cells in exercise yards to end overcrowding

Top police officer who wrote the Metropolitan Police’s drugs policy, refused to take a drug test

IMB at Stoke Heath insist Key Workers role should be given greater priority in staff detailing

Reece Thomas Watson – solicitors fighting your corner all the way

County lines gangs smashed in national police blitz

IMB Kirkham reveal almost 200 prisoners sent back to closed conditions in the last year

Biography: Paul O’Donell – proceeds of crime expert solicitor and partner with Imran Khan and Partners

New prison no fly zones for drug delivering drones

Robust new laws to fight corruption money-laundering and fraud

IMB Liverpool say the prison must develop a consistent approach to main gate security 

Natasha Kirkpatrick of Carrington’s solicitors examines Whole Life Orders

Sex abuse Police Officer jailed for life

Four terrorists sent back to prison over lie detector failures

Brand new Prisons Handbook 2024 now available at an inmate discount price

Readers letters look at the subject of IPP prisoners; the converse policy on readers letters; legal appeal papers and volumetric control; access to prosecution evidence in digital format

Full list of extant Prison Service Orders, Instructions and Policy Frameworks

IMB Wandsworth say the prison is unsafe and with inhumane conditions

Scotland’s prison population projected to hit record high

What is the government doing to reduce pressure on prisons?

Prison Suicide and Violence rise by nearly 25%

Self harm in prison hits all-time high among women

IMB Whitemoor say priority funding is needed for showers that meet basic standards of decency and safety

We take a look at ‘Turnaround’ – a youth early intervention programme led by the Ministry of Justice

Man who spent 17 years in jail for a rape he did not commit is broke and lives in a tent

Prison nurse jailed for more than 10 years for flooding the prison with drugs and knives

Access to Justice – Express solicitors in a double centre page spread look at how prisoners can seek legal help for personal injury claims

Private police force prosecution 300 shoplifters

Updated management structure of HM prison and probation service

Sudbury prison inspection reveals poor accommodation needs substantial investment

National prison radio broadcast schedule for November 2023

Interim victim’s commissioner appointed

Support is needed for under represented traveller community writes the Criminal Cases Review Commission

IMB Lincoln Report increasing numbers of disabled and elderly prisoners with dementia needing end of life care

Recall to custody reached record levels last year

Closed secret civil hearings about to unravel perhaps

IMB Coldingley report alarming sanitary conditions

Spotlight on Lindholme Prison

and much more too!

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