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Latest edition: May 2024

(Next edition 3rd June 2024

In the 40 packed pages of our May 2024 edition we lead by looking at the unreserved apology that has been given to Andrew Malkinson by the Criminal Cases Review Commission chair, Helen Pitcher, for the gross and multiple errors they made in respect of twice refusing to refer his conviction for Rape to the Court of Appeal – despite there being available exculpatory DNA evidence to clear him.

This month we also cover

  • Judge rules Scots IPP sentence breaches human rights
  • Ex-prisoner opens his third fit box gym
  • Meet the businesses helping get prison leavers into work
  • Increased library access for Open University students
  • George Greenwood: Accessing Freedom of information as a prisoner
  • Express solicitors: lawyers helping injured people
  • Prison Ombudsman’s confirmed recent deaths in prison
  • Whatton prison where black mould is in cells 
  • Dean Kingham: the frustrating parole board backlog
  • Reece Thomas Watson solicitors fighting your corner all the way
  • Prison accommodation updated – List of new builds
  • Imran Khan and partners ‘tainted gifts’
  • Contract awarded for Millsike prison
  • Creating the IPP sentence is my biggest regret says peer
  • Changes at Isle of Man prison after inmate deaths
  • Carrington’s solicitors: the National prison law firm
  • ‘Squalid’ Bedford jail segregation unit is to close
  • Corrupt Preston prison officer jailed
  • 112 prisoners moved after dangerous concrete discovered at jail
  • Conscript readers’ letters
  • IPCI: Prison and Probation Ombudsman new complaint system
  • Insufficient support and release as 16 of 22 IPPs at one jail are recalled
  • The Prisons Handbook 2024 – last few copies available
  • Children under 18 will no longer be sent to prison after law change
  • Overview: ‘safety in custody worse then ever’ says former director-general
  • Landmark case: sex offender banned from using artificial intelligence
  • Prison librarian guilty of sexual prisoner relationship
  • Wakefield senior prison officer rapist denied parole
  • Met police officer who assaulted and arrested victim is spared jail
  • Inmate admits assaulting Portland prison officer
  • ‘Gooch gang’ leader Lee Amos dies in prison
  • Couple used drones to smuggle drugs and phones into jails nationwide
  • Family of prisoner not told he had been in hospital for three weeks with cancer
  • Tornado teams trialling Tasers
  • Wiltshire police officer sentenced for assaulting vulnerable homeless boy
  • Practice plus criticised in Bullingdon death case
  • And lots more too….

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