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Certificate of Competency in Prison Law 2023/2024

AUGUST 2023: Due to the large amount of recent legislation concerning prisons, and forthcoming legislation too in the Victims and Prisoners Bill currently going through Parliament, we have regrettably decided not to offer this course now until 2024 when it will be reviewed in light of the law then in force. If you have already applied for a place there is no need to reapply we will contact you in due course.



The Certificate of Competency in Prison Law

Designed, written and annually updated by prison law expert barristers and solicitors since 2006, this is the only comprehensive course in Prison Law.

Until the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) completely abolished its external Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system, the Institute of Prison Law was continually accredited by the SRA as a CPD course provider for over ten years – and throughout this time this 48 point CPD Course was continually delivered – and is still delivered – to barristers, solicitors, voluntary sector workers, prison governors, officers and even prisoners themselves.

The Institute of Prison Law is owned and operated by Prisons Org UK , the definitive prisons publisher in the UK for over 25 years and a Ministry of Justice Approved Book Retailer and Supplier; we publish The Prisons Handbook, the definitive 1,600-page annual reference book on prisons, alongside the #1 bestselling prisoners guide The Cell Companion, and also the definitive annual prison law text; Prison Law Index. 

“Brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very worthwhile and has certainly helped me in my career.”

Richard Stedman

Governing Governor, Oakhill STC

“I highly recommend this course to all of my Governor Grade colleagues.”

Alan Cousins

Governor, Head of Security, HM Prison Service

“I am a senior solicitor with Higher Rights in Crime. In all the years of study I found this course to be one of the most worthwhile. I would recommend this course for those who would wish to become involved in providing the after-care service to sentenced criminal clients.”

John Weate

Solicitor & Partner, RMNJ, Merseyside

“Can I just say what an absolute pleasure this course has been, almost without fail legal training courses are box ticking exercises, but this course has been a breath of fresh air — thanks again for what was a rewarding experience and a real pleasure to study.”

James Fairweather

Solicitor & Partner, Carringtons Solicitors, Nottingham

“I studied this course while in prison, which I left in March 2016 and since then I have been working in the prison law department of a national solicitors firm, I now have my own caseload, fee earn and my life of crime has long since been forgotten – this course changed my life; thank you for it.”

Davd F

Ex-Offender, Formerly HMP Spring Hill

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