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‘The excellent Prison Oracle provides a window into the Prison system which is immensely valuable – and as important today as it has ever been” Michael Spurr, CEO HM Prison & Probation Service (2010-2019)

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The Prison Oracle: 


“Both The Prisons Handbook and The Prison Oracle set the benchmark for excellence when it comes to information about prisons – I have a copy of The Prisons Handbook in my top drawer and I refer to it frequently” 

Sir Martin Narey

Director General HM Prison Service, Former Chief Executive of the National Offender Management Service


The Prisons Handbook 2023

The Prisons Handbook 2023, will be published on 30th September 2022 and is now available for pre-publication purchase.

At 1,600 pages it is the definitive annual reference book on the prison system of England and Wales and has been for 25 years.

“An incredible reference book on Prisons; I keep a copy in my top drawer and I refer to it frequently” Director General, HM Prison Service.

“Strongly recommended” Chief Executive HM Prison & Probation Service 2021.

“The essential vade mecum for accurate information on the prison system of England and Wales.” Rt.Hon David Gauke MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (2019).

The Prisons Handbook & Oracle: 


“The Prisons Handbook has for many years been an excellent example of clear effective communication providing a comprehensive guide to prisons for prisoners, their families and for practitioners across the Criminal Justice System. Alongside the equally excellent Prison Oracle website it provides a window into the Prison system which is immensely valuable – and as important today as it has ever been!” 

Michael Spurr, CB.

Chief Executive HM Prison & Probation Service (2010-2019), from his Foreword to The Prisons Handbook 2021.


Prison Law Index 2022

The Definitive A-Z Guide to Prison Law Cases & Materials

FIFTH EDITION 2022. The Prison Law Index 2022 is available now.

Prison Law is a hugely important subject, affecting the rights and liberties of almost 80,000 people every single day – yet its sources are spread around a plethora of places from statute, to statutory instruments, prison service orders, prison service instructions, advice to governors, circular instructions, standing orders and Policy Frameworks….. and the highly popular Prison Law Index brings all those sources together within one book!

Prisons Law Index 2022 


“Prison Law Index 2022 is a remarkable and much needed book which should prove invaluable to prisoners and legal practitioners alike.” 

Edward Fitzgerald CBE, QC

Head of Chambers, Queen's Counsel.


The Cell Companion 2023

6th Edition – Coming Soon: The #1 Best Selling Prisoners’ Guide

Will be published 1st November 2022 – and is now available to pre-order, click the link to learn more

From reception to release, the book covers legal rights, housing, family, healthcare, personal injury, vulnerable prisoners, and it tackles the difficult issues too – like sex in prison, self-harm, avoiding gangs, extremism, the dangers of debt, bullying and the real danger of drugs and especially the potentially fatal ‘legal highs’.

Whether you are going to prison or are already there, this is the book for you and your family, friends and legal advisers too.

The Prison Oracle: 


“Hugely impressive – I can’t think of a more detailed site and important fund of information about the prison system and it’s right up to date – a great achievement” (March 2022)

Rex Bloomstein

Documentary film-maker, Visiting Fellow of Criminology Leicester University

Our Critically Acclaimed Publications

Prisons Org UK Ltd is an Approved Ministry of Justice Book and Newspaper Retailer. This means we are approved not only to send in our own books to prisoners but that, additionally, we can source books from other non-approved publishers too. If there are books you wish us to source and send in to a prisoner please email with your full contact details and details of the publications.

The Prison Oracle:
I’m impressed at how comprehensive it is.
An excellent collection of Data and Information, I’m impressed at how comprehensive it is. A bonus is access to Reports like Woolf, Woodcock, May, Learmont and others before the Internet and difficult to otherwise access. The data is user-friendly, useful for research and easy to use with access to data on the Prison Population, Safety in Custody, and Workforce Statistics easier to access and use than on the Government’s own website. A very helpful, comprehensive, user friendly source of information on prison issues.

Phil Wheatley, CB.

Former Director General: HM. Prison Service and NOMS

The Prison Oracle:
‘The’ Go-To Place for Everything Prison Related.
The sheer depth of available information, coupled with a simple user interface, makes The Prison Oracle ‘the’ go-to place for everything that is in any way prison related. There’s a vast array of publications, alongside historic reports that you simply can’t find anywhere else online.
Having such a wealth of data at your fingertips, without the need to trawl the internet for hours, is exactly why I subscribed. The Prison Oracle is a tangible learning resource for anyone with an interest in the justice section; I urge you to take a look for yourself.

Richard Rowley

Resettlement Manager HMPPS

The Prison Oracle:
An excellent collection of information, data and reports
The Prison Oracle, with everything about prisons all in one place, has long been needed and I’m delighted it’s finally arrived – I ‘ve subscribed and it’s such an excellent collection of information, data and reports for practitioners, justice professionals or anyone with an interest in justice issues or reform, I’ve no hesitation in recommending The Prison Oracle to all my Correctional Services colleagues. An added advantage is the simple access to reports that shaped the modern Prison Service – Woodcock, Woolf, Learmont, May, Carter, and Corston.

Tony Hassall

Commissioner: Corrective Services Western Australia

“I’ve spent considerable time pursuing The Prison Oracle and its extensive content and found it to be an incredibly useful source. What I like best about it, is the idea that the information is there at your fingertips, without the need to trawl through page after page of internet content. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Overall, for anyone interested in prisons, this is most certainly a valuable and convenient source.”
Jo Prescott, Lecturer in Criminology & PhD candidate (@Joprescott8)

‘Impressively Comprehensive’
Director General HM Prison Service (Ret)

‘Recommended without any hesitation’
Commissioner: Corrections Western Australia

‘A terrific service!  Imagine if MOJ itself were this helpful and competent!”
Julian Le Vay: Former Finance Director HM Prison Service for England & Wales

‘The Go-To Place for everything prison-related’
MD: Census Life

‘Way better and faster than the HMPPS Intranet’
Custodial Manager: HMPPS

‘I can now download all the things I need in minutes’
Maureen J: Prison Librarian

‘Excellent, every IMB Member should subscribe to this’
Paul J: Independent Monitoring Board Member

‘Worth every single penny’
DB: former Long-Term, Prisoner

‘Needed for years’
MCB: former Long-Term Prisoner

‘OMG Saved me hours of endless searching’
Vicky P: wife of IPP Prisoner

‘The best £2.50 a week I’ve ever spent’
Jeanne McC: mother of a Young Offender

‘Prisons org uk – you’ve done it again – brilliant’
Ashraf P: brother of a sister in prison

‘This is fantastic, I’ve just signed up and it’s so useful – thank you!’
Tammy Banks (Linkedin)

‘I’m blown away with what is available on The Prison Oracle”’
@Areformedman (Twitter)

Real Reviews by Real People


Our Managing Director

Mark Leech FRSA

Britain’s Leading Ex-Offender Expert on Prisons.

“The sanest, best-informed, commentator on prison issues”
Phil Wheatley, Chief Executive HM Prison Service

Mark Leech was taken into ‘Care’ at the age of 8 and like many Care-leavers later became involved in crime serving 14 years in a prison career characterised by roof-top protests and over 40 successful legal battles that changed British prison law. Mark was released from prison in March 1995 and has risen to become the country’s foremost ex-offender expert on the policy and practice of the penal system.

He is the Managing Editor of The Prisons Handbook, the definitive 1,600 page annual reference book on the penal system of England and Wales, he is the founder and former Chief Executive of the award-winning national charity for people with convictions UNLOCK, and the Editor of Converse; the largest circulation national monthly prisons newspaper – edited and published 100% by reformed offenders.

Mark is the Director of The Institute of Prison Law, whose acclaimed Certificate of Competency in Prison Law has been studied by thousands of lawyers, prison staff and prisoners too. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the National Union of Journalists and today he lives with his partner and two children among the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand. Outside of work his interests are in aviation – Mark is a qualified helicopter pilot.


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The Prisons Handbook
“Much more than a book about prisons, this is a tour-de-force through current penal policy
and practice.”

Prison Service Journal

The Cell Companion
Outstanding, tackles the deadly dangers of prison debts, drugs, gangs – a book by experts that’s been needed for years.”
Nick Leader, Governor,
HMP Northumberland.

Converse Newspaper
“The best national monthly prisons newspaper by a mile, the only one edited and published by reformed offenders –
their experience shines through.”

Paul Ferris, ex-offender
(“The Wee Man” Movie)

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