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Long before the internet became a tool of everyday life people resorted to something that were then known as printed ‘Reports’ – they were ink on paper and you had to go to a real shop and buy them. Then came the internet and humanity stumbled into a new and better digital age – but sadly many of these printed Reports never followed, today they lay hidden collecting dust in basements – despite their importance in historical terms, for researchers today they are gold dust.

On this page The Prison Oracle has sourced, scanned, digitised and gives you access to these valuable and vintage publications.

  • English Prisons Today: The Report of the Prison System Enquiry Committee (1922 – 654pp) the ‘Woolf Report’ of a century ago.
  • English Prisons Under Local Government (1922 – 324pp) volume 2 of English Prisons Today.
  • Woolf Report (1992 – 625pp) the Report into the April 1990 Strangeways series of Riots.
  • Learmont Report (1994 – 32pp) The Report into the escape of six Exceptional Risk Category A prisoners from the ‘impregnable’ Special Security Unit at HM Prison Whitemoor in September 1994.
  • Woodcock Report (1995 – 160pp) The Report into prison security and the escape of Category A & B prisoners from HM Prison Parkhurst in January 1995.
  • May Report (1979 – 361pp) The Report into the UK Prison System.

Additionally we have more recent reports for speed and ease of reference

  • The Carter Report 2003: Managing Offenders, Reducing Crime: A new approach 2003. The report that lead to the creation of the National Offender Management Service – which was itself replaced by HM Prison & Probation Service in 2017
  • The Corston Report 2007: The blueprint report that called for a ‘distinct, radically different, visibly-led, strategic, proportionate, holistic, woman-centred, integrated approach to Women in Prison’
  • The IMB Governance Review 2014: An independent Review of the Governance of Independent Monitoring Boards

With more coming soon….

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