Prison – Bristol

Latest Death in Custody Investigation Reports Published

The following are the latest Death in Custody investigation reports and action plans that have just been published Death of Mr Ricky England Wymott 19 05 2018 ONN 22 30 25 Death of Mr Ricky England Wymott 19 05 2018 ONN 22 30 25 AP Death of Mr Stephen Vine Wandsworth 11 04 2019 NC […]

Sixteen prisons to receive X-ray scanners

  X-ray scanners are due to be installed in 16 of the country’s “most challenging” jails. Birmingham, Liverpool and Winchester will be the latest three prisons to receive the technology before it is rolled out to others later in the year. The “cutting edge” scanners, specially developed for the Prison Service, can produce “instant images from inside […]

HMP BRISTOL – ‘Get a Grip’ Prisons Inspectorate tells HMPPS

The Prison Service must grip and support HMP Bristol to improve after years of decline and “seemingly intractable failure”, according to Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. Mr Clarke published a full report on an inspection of HMP Bristol in May and June 2019 which, at the time, identified such serious problems that the […]

HMP BRISTOL – Chief Inspector Issues Urgent Notification

The country’s most senior prison inspector has demanded the Justice Secretary take action over the squalid and dangerous conditions at HMP Bristol – issuing his fifth ever Urgent Notification. Peter Clarke invoked a rarely-used protocol forcing David Gauke to respond publicly after inspectors found high levels of violence, filthy cells and poor training and education. Mr Clarke […]